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Meet Jazlin Pitts and Kia Perry: Advisory Board Members

PUBLISHED 08.01.2021

The Collective Rising | Editorial Team

HERMARKET began in 2012 when Jazlin Pitts and Kia Perry met while working in retail management. The duo, which have extensive experience working in Fashion Merchandising, Luxury Fashion Management and Graphic Design, have used their experience and education to create a brand that not only creates opportunities for women-owned brands to sell their products but has also cultivated a community for the women who love to shop and support them. Empowering women and increasing the visibility of women-owned brands lays at the foundation of HERMARKET. HERMARKET is also committed to championing inclusion and is working hard to change the landscape of luxury retail by helping more brands owned by women of color be discovered.

From Kia: “I am grateful for the opportunity to align with The Collective Rising, a company that shares the same values as HERMARKET, and helps increase the visibility of women and women-led businesses. Being a board member grants me another opportunity to impact the lives of women and the vitality of their business.”

From Jazlin:Being a board member of the Collective Rising is such an honor and I cannot wait to make an impact within The Collective Rising and offer any guidance I can to other female founders.

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