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Online Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

PUBLISHED 09.04.2021

The Collective Rising | Editorial Team

If you are a female entrepreneur, or if you are considering starting your own business,  you’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking additional resources and support.

Our team at The Collective Rising has put together a list of 10 valuable online resources that are specifically catered to supporting female entrepreneurs and will provide you with tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration that will help you be successful and reach your full potential. 

Change The Ratio – Change The Ratio is a Tumblr blog dedicated to empowering women and provide them with the tools and resources needed to be successful in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments. The purpose of the Tumblr blog, according to Change The Ratio itself, is to increase visibility on the disparity between men and women in the workforce.

Women Presidents’ Organization – The Women Presidents’ Organization is an online resource that helps entrepreneurial-minded women meet and connect with each other. The entire purpose of the website and organization is to find female entrepreneurs and aspiring business women and then connect them with their counterparts across the globe. The company provides both online and in-person resources and also hosts various conferences on business and entrepreneurship.

The Daily Muse – The Daily Muse is a career advice website that delivers engaging insights to people of all business levels, women included. The Daily Muse is the content portion of The Muse, which operates as a platform that connects job seekers with job hunters., as well as offers women career coaching.

Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global – Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global, as its name suggests, is an organization that focuses on the growth of female entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 2008 and recently became a nonprofit organization with the goal of introducing female-run companies to the world. Similar to the other resources on this list, the website aims to empower women. Notably, the site has a wide reach and currently services 200 million female users.

Women 2.0 – Women 2.0 is an online content generator that posts and promotes daily content on women in technology. The stated mission of Women 2.0 is to increase the number of female founders of technology startups. The company tries to do this by providing women with inspiration, information, and education on the technology industry, the startup environment, and the state of the woman in the workplace. The website, in addition to articles that help female entrepreneurs succeed, also has a job board and schedules regular events, such as its infamous Founders Friday. This website is incredibly valuable for any female looking to break into the tech industry and excel as a business owner.

Women Entrepreneur – Similar to Entrepreneur Magazine’s online publication, Women Entrepreneur is the female arm of the Entrepreneur franchise and is a resource website geared toward current and aspiring female business owners. In fact, Women Entrepreneur simply takes all of the relevant articles posted on, as well as commissions their own pieces, and displays them as a news feed for its female readership. The types of pieces that are found on Women Entrepreneur include such things as in-depth profile pieces, business success stories, as well as current advice on funding and growing a business. 

The Daily Worth – The Daily Worth is a personal finance and business blog and online resource geared toward women in the workplace. The website is updated daily with tips, tips, and advice that helps women with money. This is incredibly important for female entrepreneurs since like all business people, they’ll face a bumpy road of ups and downs ahead. Keeping tight personal finances allows an entrepreneur to extend the runway of their business and achieve future success. Such resources promoted on the site include information on starting a business and even freelancing as a consultant. The site also helps women with negotiation skills, networking, and work-life balance.

I Want Her Job – While I Want Her Job might not actually get you “her” job, but it’ll provide you with advice and resources on both life and business. The front of the website is divided into two categories: Meet the Women Changing the Face of Business and Find Inspiration for Balancing Your Family, Home and Health. The website is an award-winning publication that features daily conversations geared for independent-thinking women who seek to take control design their own lives through business and entrepreneurship. The company fosters a love of learning, curiosity, and desire to succeed among each of its readers. I

National Association of Professional Women – The National Association of Professional Women is a nationally-funded resource and networking platform for businesswomen and provides them with podcasts, webinars, seminars, and tools that help with business and career growth. In addition to the advice and other resources, the website also provides career services, such as counseling and job hunting, for those women who still might want to spend a year in a corporate environment before turning their side business into a full-time venture.

Go Girl Finance – Go Girl Finance, much like some of the resources listed above, has a function that’s synonymous with its name. The company also looks to empower female entrepreneurs, but rather than trying to inspire alone, the website offers specific advice, such as in regards to business insurance, personal budgeting, investing, and other types of finance-related needs. 

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