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The Collective Rising’s LinkedIn Recommendations to Establish a Strong Personal Brand

PUBLISHED 02.04.2020

The Collective Rising | Editorial Team

At The Collective Rising, we actively encourage our members to approach the subject of establishing a personal brand by taking a quality-over-quantity approach as not to get overwhelmed or distracted.

While it is not essential to be active on every social media platform, having a LinkedIn is non-negotiable.  

LinkedIn and The Collective Rising address two separate issues. We introduce curation, while LinkedIn provides global access – a 2020 study reports that LinkedIn has over 575+ million users.

As passionate advocates for all women’s professional advancement; The Collective Rising recognizes the significance and importance of LinkedIn, and have put together a list of tips, suggestions, and best practices regarding how to use LinkedIn to strengthen your personal brand.

Own Your URL

Your name is a powerful branding tool. Like you have a custom URL on The Collective Rising, LinkedIn also allows users to create a custom URL. These URLs should be included on your resume, as well as linked in your email’s signature to ensure maximum visibility.

Choose a Professional Headshot

Select a high-quality, professional photo for your LinkedIn profile image, as you have on The Collective Rising. You could use the same photo you used on The Collective Rising, or a different photo, as long as you appear similar, and both photos look like they are recent. Make sure you include an actual image of yourself.  Your profile image is not the place for you to share your company’s logo or an interesting image from your portfolio as employers and professionals want to see you.

Select a Background Photo

LinkedIn’s background photo provides users a great opportunity to establish their personal brand’s aesthetic. If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to establishing your personal brand’s aesthetic, reflect on what colors or patterns resonate with you, and align with the image you are looking to portray. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, consider displaying your logo or business’ colors. Remember, successful branding is all about consistency and quality. Don’t forget to check your background photo’s dimensions to ensure you have selected an image that fits the required upload dimensions.

Create a Concise Headline

It’s essential to create a concise and direct headline. No one viewing your profile should be confused about what you do. By briefly including your role, industry, and location in your headline, you enable prospective employers and other professionals to easily identify what you do and where you are.  

Write a Summary

A summary is a great place to share what you are up to professionally. Keep your summary between two and three paragraphs – any longer, and you may lose the reader’s interest. Focus on highlighting key factors and themes in your career, including what you are doing in your current role, and provide some information regarding your hobbies, interests, and volunteer work. Do not be afraid to state whether or not you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur; this is your time to tell your story on your terms and stand out amongst the hundreds of millions of users on the platform.  

Stay Active: Update your Status

Just as we encourage you to keep your profile on The Collective Rising up-to-date, we encourage you to do the same for all social platforms, especially LinkedIn. By updating your profile frequently, you put out the message that you are serious about advancing in your career and that you care about your personal brand.   

LinkedIn is a great tool for personal branding – it just has to be used correctly. Follow the guidelines we outlined above, and you’ll be well on your way to strengthening your personal brand.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to strengthen your personal brand, please visit our Join Us page to learn more about The Collective Rising’s membership offerings.

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