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Why Personal Branding Is Vital in the Era of the Coronavirus

PUBLISHED 02.10.2021

The Collective Rising | Editorial Team

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, and restrictions and lockdowns were implemented, the internet and social networking platforms became many people’s sole source of connection to the outside world.

As a result of the increased time we are now spending on our phones, computers, and tablets, being plugged into the digital world, people have become digital scavengers are looking deeper into the people they do business with, as well as the people who run the companies and brands they shop at and interact with.

Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the notion of “a first impression” was rare and unlikely. We live in a time that is dominated by our ability to access information at any given moment, and as a result of that, the information we have or don’t have available about ourselves online unknowingly says a lot.

With social distancing measures implemented for the time-being, in-person interactions have been greatly reduced. This means that it is more essential than ever for you to put your best foot forward online. For the foreseeable future, the internet will be the primary way people work, shop, conduct meetings,  and even recruit new hires for their company and find strategic partners for their businesses.

What does your personal brand say about you currently? Does it reflect your objectives and goals for the year? Do you have recent accomplishments and accolades shared on your profile on The Collective Rising and on your LinkedIn page?

The cold truth is that everyone is looking you up nowadays. Whether you are searching for a new job, or run a business, people are undeniably searching to see what you are up to. Do yourself the favor of making sure the information you have available about yourself online does you justice. Especially during the pandemic, people are looking to see how you have responded to these changing times. Have you volunteered? Offered support? Donated? If so, find a way to share this information in a casual and non-boastful manner.

Especially if you are a business owner, many people are interested in “the person behind the brand” during times of crisis and want to see whether that person’s values are in sync with theirs before they buy your product and support your business.

Personal branding is always vital, and it is especially essential during the era of the coronavirus. Make sure you are standing out from the pack and are putting your best self forward online. If you are a self-identified woman and are interested in increasing your online visibility, please request an invitation.

Copyright © 2022. The Collective Rising. All Rights Reserved.