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Effective Networking Strategies to Help You Build Your Personal Brand

PUBLISHED 05.05.2021

The Collective Rising | Editorial Team

Building a strong personal brand has a lot to do with how you network.  At The Collective Rising, we know that creating a  personal brand can initially seem overwhelming, and that networking can often feel exhausting and time-consuming, However, with the right strategy in place, we promise this process doesn’t have to be draining, and instead, it can be very empowering. With the right guidance, you can harness these tools and strategies to propel yourself forward in your career and help you better establish your personal brand through the power of networking. 

Here are three effective strategies we suggesting trying out.

Treat LinkedIn Like Twitter or Instagram. 

Utilizing LinkedIn may be the most obvious suggestion.  But ask yourself how often do you engage on the platform the same way as you would on Instagram or Twitter?  LinkedIn is not only an opportunity to share information regarding your career accomplishments, but it also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader, and most importantly connect with people in your industry, who may work in entirely different parts of the world.  

Schedule Informational Interviews 

Having a strong personal brand online is critical, but to begin, you need to understand who you are and gather information to support the image you wish to portray about yourself online.  Reach out to other professionals with the pure intention of wanting to learn more about who they are, what they do, and their career path.  Having these interactions grants you the opportunity to expand your network and learn how others have gone about the process of successfully establishing themselves. 

Host a Virtual Networking Event 

With COVID-19 still restricting in-person ‘meet-ups’ in many cities, virtual events are a great way to bring people from all over the world,  together. Share your event on The Collective Rising’s event page to access thousands of ambitious women across the world, and also consider sharing the event on your LinkedIn and other social media accounts as well to help drive awareness about what you are doing. 

Make sure you are building an event rooted in purpose, and develop out-of-the-box ways to bring people together to share their goals and experiences.  

Building a strong personal brand requires you to focus on more than just yourself. You must also commit to further building out your network by establishing genuine connections and relationships to be truly successful. 

Copyright © 2021. The Collective Rising. All Rights Reserved.